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BEADITALL by SIMATA is a new Enterprise on the Island of Bali following an old Asian Tradition using Beads for jewelry, fashion accessories, & garment.

Established export to USA and Europa.Unique designs with seedbeads, exotique, natural beads and other local, available fabrics and materials such as glass, wood, terra cotta, oceanfruit, bone, resin and silverbead etc......

We also take orders for various, customized beadmaterials for wholesale prices..

Our beads and other Bali silver items are hand-crafted in Java and Bali by exceptional artisans.

As such, there may be modest variations among the pieces within each style in appearance, size, weight.

Electric mermaid is a trend driven collection line for more sophisticated items and jewelry designs.

Legal Representative Made Bagus Suardana

We proudly inform you herein, that we just opened our new online shop...

start shopping our brand new bead's here: : : ONLINE SHOP: :